Bluetooth CD Changer Emulator

Project 0x001 Ongoing

In this project I reverse engineer the interface between my car stereo head unit and CD changer with the goal to replace it by my own Bluetooth audio interface.

Build Logs

Testing the second board

Nov 22, 2019

As discussed in the previous log I removed the ESP32 Pico from my design and replaced it by a conventional ESP32 module. Because I was not yet able to do a lot of testing on my first design, the rest of the PCB remained unchanged. The good news is that thanks to the easier assembly of this second iteration I finally got a working board. So let's see what we can learn from further testing.

First PCB design

Oct 10, 2019

Even though my prototype was working quite well, there are still some issues. One of them is that the Bluetooth module gives audible pops on pausing and restarting playback. Another one is that I can't communicate to the Arduino if the music is paused or not and therefore can't put this on the head unit display. Partly for these reasons, and partly to learn, I started on my own PCB.

From idea to prototype

Jun 29, 2019

Parked in front of my house is an old BMW E36 325i. When I bought it, it came loaded with cassette tapes from the previous owner, like a time capsule from a different era. Although I quite like Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers, it gets repetitive after a while. So I set myself to work to make my radio Spotify enabled.

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