Bluetooth CD Changer Emulator

In this project I reverse engineer the interface between my BMW stereo head unit and CD changer with the goal to replace it by my own Bluetooth audio interface.

Build Logs

Wrapping up

Aug 20, 2020

A recap of the project showing all iterations of the PCB design for my Bluetooth adapter. I am happy to say that you can finally order one.

Reducing noise

Jun 21, 2020

An isolated DC/DC converter is added to the PCB to remove audible alternator whine when the my bluetooth solution is installed in my BMW.

The final hardware

May 1, 2020

The third updated version of my Bluetooth board has arrived. In this post I test if the overheating and sound quality issues are fixed in the latest design.

The ESP32 Pico from my first Bluetooth PCB is replaced by a conventional ESP32 module. Further testing is done to see if all functionality is as intended.

First PCB design

Oct 10, 2019

There are still some few minor issues in my first BMW Bluetooth module prototype. To resolve these, I start the process of designing my own circuit board.

Reverse engineering the interface between my BMW E36 325i head unit and CD changer with the goal to develop a plug and play Bluetooth audio interface.

Bluetooth CD Changer Emulator

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Bluetooth CD Changer Emulator