DIY Field-Oriented Control ESC

In this project I make my own brushless motor (BLDC) controller to implement several commutation strategies all the way to field-oriented control (FOC).

Build Logs

Block commutation

Apr 7, 2022

Developing a firmware to perform sensorless six-step commutation with my custom built BLDC controller. The code has been made available on GitHub.

Hardware design

Jan 22, 2021

Designing a custom PCB which serves as a ESC or BLDC controller, to drive brushless motors using my own control algorithms.

Component selection

Sep 19, 2020

All components needed for a BLDC controller PCB design are presented. In this post I present the parts I selected, and the reasoning behind my choices.

BLDC introduction

Dec 7, 2019

Brushless motors are increasingly popular, but are complex to control. In this log I investigate designing my own PCB and controls for a BLDC controller.

DIY Field-Oriented Control ESC

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DIY Field-Oriented Control ESC
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