I am an engineer by day, maker by night, who likes reinventing the wheel.

Recent projects

DIY Field-Oriented Control ESC

Project 0x002 Ongoing

In this project I make my own brushless motor (BLDC) controller to implement several commutation strategies all the way to field-oriented control (FOC).

Hardware design

Jan 22, 2021

ESP32 Soil Moisture Sensor

Project 0x005 Finished

In this project I develop a small, battery-powered soil moisture sensor using the ESP32 with an on-board status indicator and data logging to the cloud.

Using deep sleep

Apr 15, 2021

Testing the sensor

Apr 14, 2021

Hardware design

Apr 4, 2021

Bluetooth CD Changer Emulator

Project 0x001 Buy this

In this project I reverse engineer the interface between my BMW stereo head unit and CD changer with the goal to replace it by my own Bluetooth audio interface.

Wrapping up

Aug 20, 2020

Reducing noise

Jun 21, 2020

First PCB design

Oct 10, 2019

Linear Calendar Clock

Project 0x003 Finished

In this project I use adressable RGB leds and an ESP8266 to make a linear clock. The clock will also be connected to Google Calendar to show my appointments.

Redesign and PCB

Aug 16, 2020

Display modes

Jan 18, 2020

Clock design

Dec 27, 2019

ESP8266 IoT Framework

Project 0x004 Finished

In this project I develop a framework to be used as in new ESP8266 projects, implementing HTTPS requests, a React web interface and a configuration manager.

HTTPS requests

May 31, 2020

WiFi manager

May 16, 2020

Web server

May 10, 2020


After finishing various projects such as a drawbot, a drone, a CAN-bus display, and a WiFi counter, I created this website to document my future projects.

As a maker, I always start from scratch, and work towards a fully designed 'product'. I like learning new things, and I hope that sharing my work inspires you to do the same.