Linear Calendar Clock

Project 0x003 Finished

In this project I use adressable RGB leds and an ESP8266 to make a linear clock. The clock will also be connected to Google Calendar to show my appointments.

Build Logs

Display modes

Jan 18, 2020

For the final log on the clock I will go into more detail on the software side. First I will briefly discuss the software architecture. Then I will explain the different display modes I developed so far. This post wraps up the build for this clock.

Housing and assembly

Jan 12, 2020

Now that all the physical components are available it is time to finish the housing and assemble the full clock. First I will talk about the housing design, and the process of getting it printed. After that I will show the final product when it is all put together.

Let there be light

Jan 4, 2020

In this second log I will introduce the electronics used in this project and design the frame to hold the light guides that I designed in the previous log. At the end of this article you will see a first teaser of the fully functional light system for the clock. Let's dive into it!

Clock design

Dec 27, 2019

In this project I will design my own clock. The idea for this clock is not to accurately track time to the second, but rather to show the progression of time throughout the day. Furthermore, the clock should be able to display additional information, such as your schedule for the day.