Linear Calendar Clock

In this project I use adressable RGB leds and an ESP8266 to make a linear clock. The clock will also be connected to Google Calendar to show my appointments.

Build Logs

Redesign and PCB

Aug 16, 2020

In this redesign of the linear calendar clock I develop a PCB and fix some readability issues with the first design to allow for more visualization options.

Display modes

Jan 18, 2020

In the final log on the clock I will go into more detail on the software side, explaining the architecture and the different display modes I developed so far.

The housing for the clock is designed and printed. Ater that the linear clock is fully assembled and shown in action for the first time.

Let there be light

Jan 4, 2020

Here I introduce the electronics used in this clock project and design the frame to hold the light guides that I designed in the previous log.

Clock design

Dec 27, 2019

In this log I start the design of my own linear clock that will be able to display additional information, such as your schedule for the day.