BMW Bluetooth Adapter

Product description

This Bluetooth adapter is easy to install, and adds Bluetooth music playback to the original radio of selected old BMW models before 1996 and IBUS by emulating the CD changer. The adapter is compatible with BMW E30, E31, E32, E34 and E36 models, depending on the head unit. See the list below.

The adapter can be installed behind the dashboard and plugs into the CD changer connector of your radio. This also means that if present, the CD changer can no longer be used.


  • Good quality music playback by putting the radio in CD mode
  • Radio buttons can be used for play, pause, and next/previous track
  • Bluetooth volume can be controlled with buttons on the radio
  • Adapter remembers and tries to connect to the last connected phone
  • Some basic status information is shown on the radio display

The adapter does not support showing title or artist information on the display. The adapter does not support hands-free calling. It is for audio playback only.

Compatible head units

Tested OK

The adapter has been succesfully tested on the BMW Business RDS radio (Philips PH7850), the BMW Bavaria C Business RDS (Pioneer KE-92ZBM), the Pioneer KE-91ZBM and the Alpine CM5901:

BMW Business RDS (Philips PH7850)

BMW Bavaria C Business RDS (Pioneer KE-92ZBM)

Pioneer KE-91ZBM Version 4 (Other versions of the KE91ZBM will probably work as well)

Alpine CM5901E (Related models such as the CM5903L will probably work as well)

Not yet tested

The adapter is not yet verified with the models below. Contact me before ordering if you have one of these models, or if you have another head unit that you think might work.

The adapter is also likely to work with the other radio's that use the same CD changer technology such as the BMW 6 CD Changer A, the BMW 6 CD Changer P and BMW CD 6 Selektion. This page will be updated if new models are tested and validated with the adapter.

The most likely candidates are shown below:

BMW Professional RDS (Becker BE2450, not the BE2455 which has IBUS)

Other candidates could be any other BMW head unit from the period before 1996 that has a CD changer connection.

There may even be some non-BMW models that are compatible with the same protocol. From my research there should at least be some models of Renault, Land Rover and Mitsubishi that also used the Pioneer M-bus protocol. Of course these all use different connectors, but with a custom-made cable it could work. Contact me if you are feeling adventurous to explore the possibilities.

€ 119.00

Ships from the Netherlands. Potential taxes for delivery outside of the EU are at the risk of the buyer.

Built to order in 2-3 weeks.